design thinking & craftsmanship

Core motivation in my life as a designer are the primary, evolutionary forces of design:

To understand the big picture by efficiently obtaining an empathic, holistic view of the intricate mechanisms and potential behind an assignment or company, their market, target groups and forming factors.

To actively explore and experiment with how that view truly translates into effective user experience and product design trough integrated innovation, functionality, aesthetics and careful attention to details.

To enjoy the dynamic, collaborative challenges in testing and guiding strong ideas, pushing ambition level through creative problem solving and necessary compromises of values, forming factors, stake-holders, budget and deadlines, all the way through product development to the hands and minds of the users.


Through extensive first hand experience in the impact and precious value added by design thinking, design strategy and design/user experience as key success factors and fully integrated parts of successful product and brand development, I really enjoy sharing this magic with others, preferably showing by example by engaging fully in the addictive craftsmanship of design.


With a masters in industrial design & vehicle design, a background as researcher and teacher in the subject I now have more than 15 years of professional experience as employed, consultant and free-lance designer. I have had the great privilege of working across many interesting industries, including many inspiring free-lance projects, six fantastic years at the Scania design department, doing every possible type of truck & bus design projects, and five unforgettable years building and leading the Industrial Design department and HW design strategy at the telecom giant Ericsson.


ID studio AB is my free-lance platform, I enjoy engaging in high level design thinking and design craftsmanship, hands on in all sorts of product development projects as well as in visionary concept studies, brand building and design strategy assignments. When needed my professional network provide all types of resources and competences required to make things happen. Clients range from startups to international corporations in a variety  of industries. I am always exploring new ideas, projects and collaborations.


What can I do for you?


Mikael Thelin

Industrial designer